Mini Torsade With Apatite and Peridot


Mini Torsade With Apatite and Peridot

  • Mini Torsade chain with Apatite and Peridot
  • The chain measures 41 cm .
  • 22 Carat Gold Plated , Beige Plated 5 micron on Bronze.
Blue apatite corresponds to the throat chakra, and therefore is an excellent stone while in groups and to aid in public speaking and any other communication-oriented activities.  It promotes independence and ambition.  Some use blue apatite as a dream stone, using it to help them access their subconscious while in the dream state.

Peridot is a Stone of Protection (from negativity), Stone of Financial and Spiritual Abundance, Healer’s stone.   Peridot is said to increase prosperity and growth, and it’s color represents wealth and financial success.  It is also said to enhance one’s feelings of worthiness and happiness.  This stone seeks truth and clarity, and is reported to protect the being from negativity, clearing away outside negative influences.  

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